Mitbust Kveik brown ale

So, at long last, here are my tasting notes for the third and final iteration of my three way split, this one fermented with Mitbust.

This one poured with a 2-3 finger moussey off white head that was half that size after 5 minutes.

This version, despite being the last bottle and having been in the bottle for months, was quite hazy. The beers was a lighter shade of brown than the others, leaning more towards deep red. It was also comparatively well carbonated( read as it had more than English levels of carbonation).

Aroma: very malt driven. Intense maltiness in your face. Doppelbock malty nose. Jam of some kind, damson I think. Under cooked white bread with toasted brown bread. A hint of Fuggles show through. Christmas nut selection, specifically wallnut skin. Slight earthiness.

Taste; deep saturated malt. Very chewy despite the elevated carbonation. More malty and chewy. Coffee lifhtly dusts the back of the palate. A hint of whiskey. Plums. Despite my searching, no chocolate comes through at all. It manages to taste more like a stout than a btown ale. A hint of marmalade from somewhere. It drinks far bigger than it is and is the lease changed over time.

There we are. Kveik strains are now well on their way to taking over the world. I am sending some to Taiwan next week.

I also recently did a parti-gyle stout 10 litres at 1.095 and 5 litres at 1.040. The bigger was fermented with a mix of Voss and Ebbegarden and the smaller with Terje’s strain. More about those soon.

Ebbegarden Kveik brown ale

More rubbish pictures for you here.

This version looks to be quite a bit darker than the first one.

It similarly started off with a creamy 2 finger head, which soon dissipated to a fingerish.

Aroma: coffee and milk chocolate, both of which come over stronger than in the Wollesaeter version. Faint earthiness and chocolate covered crerry liquor. Warm brown bread with full fat cream spread on top.

Taste: fruity coffee and cherry ( more like dark cherry when half of the pit has been exposed) and a hint of very pleasant tartness. Milk chocolate with dark cocoa powder dusting . Dark fruits. Sweet, malty, but not cloying. No bitterness apparent!

Hint of blackcurrant cordial. Dark fruit and the sweetness come out more as the beer warms, but are balanced by the acidity and minimal bitterness which only with warming up shows itself.

Wollsaeter Kveik brown ale

Sorry for the crappy pictures, but my phone seems to hate me since I dropped it in a buddle when getting out of my car at the start of the month.

Dark brown. Clear when the condensation and chill haze give way. Creamy 2 finger light tan head that dissipates to a single finger.

Aroma: musty, secondhand books, mushrooms fresh from the forest, dates dried in the sun until hard. Hint of milky Italian coffee and milk chocolate.

Taste: milky yet strong Italian coffee mixed with orange liqour. Mixed pepper corns, mace, cinnamon, earth on a hot day as it starts to rain. Wonderfully smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Bitterness comes over as being MUCH higher than it is, but in a good way, had it not been a lower AA hop, it would have been much too bitter. Watered down dark rum.

The coffee and earth come through much more as the beer warms, as does the perception of alcohol, which gives a pmeasent warming effect. Very much unlike a conventional British brown, which Mr Styles intended it to be.

Kveik three way split brown ale

This will be the first post in series based around a beer given to me by Mr Styles for Christmas 2017.

I know. Soooooo long in the making.

In fact, I was going to start my write up the other day until I found myself without the notebook in which I had written all of my tasting notes.

So here I go again.


M o Pale malt 2.5kg

Brown malt 320gr

Crystal wheat 190gr

Pale chocolate 130gr

And 130gr TF red crystal which I took upon myself to add.

18gr Fuggles at 60 minutes and 7gr Fuggles at 20 minutes.

This was a 13 litre batch of 1.060 OG that I split up and fermented with three Kveik strains; Wollsaeter(fg 1.015), Ebbegarden(fg 1.018) and Midtbust( 1.010).

Coming soon are tasting notes.

Simonaitis Bobek Quaffer

I didn’t do such a good job of remembering to take pictures, which has been an ongoing thing with me of late.

I took inspiration for this beer from DeWayne on Milk The Funk and was just looking for something simple, refreshing and quaffable.

The grain bill was super simple: 90% Weyermann pils and 10% cane sugar. It was mashed at 66c for 45 minutes. We will call it OG 1.040.

There were no hops in the boil, but after 1 week of fermentation at about 26c, I dry hopped it with 40gr of Bobek in a 6ltr batch.

Appearance: “slightly” hazy pale golden yellow with a creamy 1 finger foamy head that quickly dissipates.

Aroma: upfront peach and apricot with a hint of peach melba yoghurt and lemony grassiness from the dry hops. Grainy malt, hey and a slight hint of funk.

Taste: peach, apricot and honey followed by a pleasant light yet very enjoyable acidity which tingles the palate. Floral lemony Bobek dry hop flavour, but given the amount I used in this small batch, quite subdued. Bready, grainy malt character. Malty in a dry finish pils kind of way, but not sweet despite the 0IBUs( theoretically anyway).

Very dry finish, but a little thin and needs a little more carbonation.

All in all it is a lovely little refreshing tart dry hopped quaffer, just right for the 37c we are having at the moment.

If I were to brew it again, and I might well do, I would do away with the sugar, mash hotter, up the OG( least favoured of the choices) or add some rye malt to make it drink bigger.

Raw Kveik Stout

I am very sorry for neglecting my blog, but work/study load and family have left me with very little time.

So a Merry Christmas to you all, from my day at Hell School, whilst my students are watching the British Cristmas classic, The Snowman(1982).

This beer was brewed using a few strange methods, no boil not being all that strange.

I added freshly cut banana leaf to the mash tun to help with filtering, I mash hopped AND I mash spiced it.

Appearance; classic stout shade of jet black with a tan head, which dissipates quickly but reforms without too much swirling of the glass.

Aroma; cocoa, coffee, milk chocolate and stone fruit with undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg. A faint hint of butterscotch. No clove comes through. A suggested memory of peanut skin. When warmer a touch of clove comes through.

Flavour; mouthfeel is full and creamy smooth, but with enough carbonation to lift from the palate. Starts a little peppery with cinnamon and nutmeg coming through much stronger than they did when the beer was young. Damsons and raisins with a light dusting of dark chocolate. Very smooth roast profile. If a beer could taste of a colour, this would be charcoal grey. Whilst not what I was aiming for, this beer was a very pleasant experiment. 10 out of 10 pleasants. Despite lack of firm bitterness the beer does not come over as too sweet at all.

My mother-in-law wants me to teach her to brew this beer.


OG 1.080

FG 1.015

47% Weyermann pale

4.4% each TF Red Crystal and Crystal 60

2.6% each chocolate malt and roasted wheat

13% flaked oats

26% Weyermann Vienna

25gr Columbus pellets in the mash along with 2 cinnamon sticks, 1/4 teaspoon og grated nutmeg and 2 cloves.

Kveik; Terje of Larsblog fame

Thai underground craft beer; My Beer Friend

I follow this guy on my wife’s FB account.

He puts a lot into his presentation AND into remaining undetected by the police. He sets up shop in Sois around the city only on Friday nights, serving from two taps in his wooden clad motorbike trailer.

I had wanted to try his beer for a long time already,when my wife asked me if his beer was good,as she liked the old fashioned theme,often traditional medicine,of his packaging.

But,I don’t get out much. And, the one time I had set myself up to go for a beer,a funeral happened. End of beer outing.

But,I am a very lucky man. I happen to work with some very super fantastic cool guys. After being told via Line that this beer was 250Baht a bottle,I had to opt out.

So,the fact that I was given the opportunity to try this beer is thanks entirely to Baby Rob and Original Phil. Thank you lads!

My Beer Friend; Anti I Love You IIPA

9.3%, 100 IBUs

Hops; Centennial,Citra,Simcoe, Columbus.

Appearance: Poured with very little carbonation. Almost still. Half finger head from an aggressive pour,quickly receding to a faint covering. Chestnut/light brown.

Aroma: Big in you face sweet toffee malt,of the crystal malt kind. Nose stuck in the glass you get a hint of Columbus and cat pee(from the Citra?). A lot of  crystal malt carries through.

Taste; Big thick coating mouthfeel. Lacking in enough carbonation to help lift the sweetness from the palate.

Rather soft,yet pleasing bitterness that coats the mouth and backs of the teeth. A slight alcohol warmth on the way down,but not boozey by any means. 

A little Citra mixed with Simcoe comes through on the after taste.

As it warms,a slight hint of coffee,of all things,comes through on the taste and aroma.

I find myself looking for more bitterness to balance the sweetness and more flavour/aroma hops.

Overall, sweeter and less bitter than I had imagined,but very enjoyable and enough to calm my hop cravings.

Again, big thank you to Baby Rob and Original Phil for making my Saturday with this present.


Pomelo Hibiscus Saison

It has been FAR too long since last I posted. Sorry about that,internet!

Beer things have been going on,beer was brewed and consumed,lots of life happend and too much bloody work threw spanners all over the place.

​This brew had been in the planning stages since March.

Now,true to style,I do a write up with only two bottles left. Sorry for the rubbish glassware in the beer shot; I took the pictures at my in-law’s, where all of my good glasses have been broken.

12 litre brew

OG 1.042  FG 1.001  IBUs 36(I like more hops)

35% each Weyermann Pilsner and Vienna malt

10% each table sugar,wheat malt and quick cook oats

30gr Archer whole hops at 60mins and another 20gr at 20 mins.

Yeast; TYB Wallonian Farmhouse

other stuff; 50gr dried Hibiscus flowers steeped at flame out for 15 minutes. Peel of a 2kg Pomelo. 2 Swanson Lacto Plantarum capsules.

Colour; orange/gold with pink/red hue. Would have been crystal clear had it not been shaken up in the car.

​Aroma: yoghurt like tartness,huge Pomelo fruit and peel,wonderful dirty saison yeast character from Wallonian Farmhouse(cannot think of a better way to put it) and a hint of Hibiscus tea. The base beer is still there,but quiet.

Taste; Archer hops come through in a vague hoppy kind of way, paired with the Hibiscus up front,but they give way quite quickly to the Pomelo, which rapidly covers the palate with a special kind of fruit related bitterness,which compliments the hop bitterness,and lingers.

The yeast comes through at every step of the way, but in a way that is harmonious with the other ingredients.

​Brew day went as per usual until the boil. I brought the whole volume to a boil and waited 10 minutes. At this point I took out 4ltr of wort and allowed it to cool to 40c before I sprinkled in the contents of two Swanson Lacto Plantarum capsules. I let this portion of the wort sour for three days.

After three days of souring,the non-hopped piryion was added to the already fermenting 2/3 of the already hopped beer.

Back to the main boil; at flame out I added 50gr of dried Hibiscus flowers,which was going to be 100gr  until I got cold feet.

After 7 days at 21c in the fermentation fridge,the beer was taken out and allowed to come up to 30c.

At day 14 I added the peel of a two kg Pomelo from my father-in-law’s farm. I let ot sit like that for 5 days before bottling.

​Early on I thought that I had gone WAY over the top with the peel and maybe ruined the bloody beer. But after a month in the bottle it is perfect with regards to the Pomelo peel.

This WILL be brewed again, but next time with the original 100gr og flowers I had planned for and I will sour 1/2 of the batch instead of 1/3.

Note; no Lacto was hurt by way of boiling in the production of this beer.


This is one of the newest additions to the small number of homebrew shops now operating in Thailand.
Just think,five years ago,there were none!

There tends to be very little to set one shop apart from the others.
That is until you come to

They have the biggest selection of hops ; 49 kinds of pellet hops,all in 2oz increments, starting at 180Baht, and 2 kinds of plugs.

They offer discounts on multi-packs of dry yeast, of which they have 47 choices from Fermentis,Mangrove Jack’s and LallemandDanstar.


But the real difference in choice is that you can pre-order liquid yeast from them. They can obtain 49 strains from Wyeast and 29 strains from White Labs, for a flat charge of 690Baht.
They are not the only shop to offer pre-order,but they are THE only shop to offer liquid yeast.

Now,if you do the maths, the price is WAY above that paid by lucky brewers in the US,even in the UK the price hike is not so much.
But I believe these yeasts are sourced in Australia and if you take into acvount the very expensive postage from the relatively close country,it is not all that expensive.
So,over-sized starters and stored yeast are the way to go.

Hopshubbkk do use a site that is difficult to order from,but the staff are super helpful and will reply to email(the same cannot be said for one other site!) as quick as a flash.
Takky,the young lady that I contacted there by email was very good at keeping me up to date with my order status and even introduced me to Udomsak and helped set up my recent beer swap.

I will be giving preferance to this shop for sure.
Thank you very much Takky of hops hub.

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Thai underground craft beer: Udomsak


This is one of the reasons I was at NamTon’s house bar. I got another two bottles of reason. The Eleventh Fort and Red Truck were just plesant surprises. I had arranged for a beer swap, set up by Takky at HopsHub BKK.

This is Udomsak Saison IPA, 6.5%a



Colour; deep murky copper,almost light brown, with deep orange shining through like the sun from behind a dense layer of cl



Aroma; light citrus fruit,cider,white wine. Maybe Nelson?
Not much else on the nose.
I did not expect much at this point and was about to be


Taste; slight smokiness/roast beautifully balanced with citrus and a hint of white grapes.
A little mixed pepper and cinnamon.
There is a little tartness that clings very pleasingly to the palate.
On the out-breath,the smoke/roast returns along with a smidgen of toffee on the palate.
Whilst the body feels quite full and creamy, it is perfectly balanced by the bite from a good level of carbonation  and the smoke.
The finish is quite dry!


There is a very firm bitterness that,whilst not “in your face”, does coat your gums and cheeks(inside of course).
I had thouth I may be in for more hops,but had no idea as to the age of this bottle and was quite relieved that the yeast character was not covered too much


As the beer warms,the pepperiness becomes more prominent.
Thank you very much Nitee and great job on this beer.


I loved this beer right down to the last sip.

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