My best mate

ImageMy best mate Martin got back to Thailand from Canada on Saturday. We had lunch on Sunday and this is what he had for me in his bag. Martin is amazing and he brings be all sorts of things every time he comes over. We usually make a date for a brewday ASAP so that we may have the first few bottles together before he heads off back to work in Canada.

This time I got 20 oz of hop pellets,2 oz of each: Pallisade, Fuggle, Cluster, Chinook, Mt.Hood, Cascade, Sterling, Goldings, Magnum and good old Northern BrewerImageAnd then there is the yeast, of which I got 15 packs. This is good as I tend to pitch 2 packs of dried yeast at a time due to the relatively low ale temperatures at which I ferment. What I got was: Safbrew s-33 2pcs, Saflager s-23 2 pcs, Safbrew WB-06 2 pcs, Safale s-04 2 pcs, Safale us-05 2 pcs, Danstar Notty 2 pcs, Windsor 2 pcs and BRY-97 1pcs.

As you may well imagine it was like a brew Christmas for me and now I have all sorts of brew ideas going round and round my bald head. The surprises were Sterling and Palisades, as I have never had or used them before. Any tried and trusted combinations there?

We will see. Thank you very much bro for my beer gear.

as always,please ignore the date stamp on the pics


The last bottle

The last bottle

Well today I am sad to say goodbye to the last bottle of my experiment “Berliner weisseryish”
This was a very simple grain bill of a few hundred grams of pilsner malt and a few hundred grams of flaked wheat.
I boiled it for 15 minutes,after a 60 minute mash at 67c,with 250gr of mulberries.

Fermentation was at room temperature( aroud 37c) with a home made lacto culture for 36 hours and then for 4 weeks with a big pitch of Brett B Trois which I cultured from oak cubes very kindly sent to me by Jeff over at

Looks: deep yet bright pink/red with a very fine short lived head

Aroma: hmmmmmm,sourness,ripe fruit,funk,ash

Taste: to say it was a disappointment would take away from the fact that this was a very enjoyable beer. A nice level of tartness with a hint of the fruit coming through and some underlying tones of the famous Brett B Trois fruit and some funk. But there was also something I can only liken to ash in a wood fire,which I am want to attribute to the acidulated malt.

Will I do it that way again? No
Was it worth it ? Hell yes!
What did I learn from it? Do no chicken out when waiting for lacto!

PS, ignore the date my faulty old camera gives out.

A good friday as usual

Friday is not my favourite day of the week because it sees the working week (for some) at an end, but also because I teach very cool kids at a very nice school.

12 years after starting teaching with my employer I spend the last day of the school week at my very first schol teaching EFL to grades 7&8. I did two lessons that failed at another school,unchanged, and they were a great success. I have to say a very big thank you to the kids in lower Mattayom at JittraWittaya school here in Chiang mai.

Also I am now very much looking forward to seeing my best mate Martin who,as I type,is thundering through the skies from Canada. Martin is not only a great teacher,awsome cook and great buddy,but is also my chief sponsor in my home brew endeavors. Every time he comes over he has a big bag full of goodies for me. Last time it was 10 packs of dried yeast and half a kg of assorted hops.

The one ritual we have is that ASAP we get a brewday in and the bottle and drink the first few together(sometimes they are a little green still) and it is the ultimate in guy time.

Soon to come, Raspberry sour brown brewday.

A little too much could never be enough

This is how I feel about Citra, Nelson, Amarillo and dry hopped sours.

It’s also how I feel about rye malt, Brett B Trois and low abv high IBU beers.

I obsess about homebrewing. I get an idea and then loose sleep over it,neglect work over it and daydream whilst driving due to it. Strange, I think, for someone who lives in a country which has just this past month seen it’s one and only homebrew store open up and in which the act of homebrewing is in a legal “grey area”. Also strange due to the fact that I do not drink very much.

I just like to love what I drink and brewing against the odds is how I manage it.

Homebrewing has exploded onto the scene over here in recent years, to the point of now being several online shops.

A great many homebrewers, turned underground brewers and then moved their brewing operations out of Thailand and went pro in recent years and craft beer is now a thing, even if it is mainly with expats and rich kids.

I am a Salopian,proud there of. I have been living in Thailand for near on 13 years and am now a happy family man living with my wife and two sons in Chiang mai.

You can get hold of me at