A little too much could never be enough

This is how I feel about Citra, Nelson, Amarillo and dry hopped sours.

It’s also how I feel about rye malt, Brett B Trois and low abv high IBU beers.

I obsess about homebrewing. I get an idea and then loose sleep over it,neglect work over it and daydream whilst driving due to it. Strange, I think, for someone who lives in a country which has just this past month seen it’s one and only homebrew store open up and in which the act of homebrewing is in a legal “grey area”. Also strange due to the fact that I do not drink very much.

I just like to love what I drink and brewing against the odds is how I manage it.

Homebrewing has exploded onto the scene over here in recent years, to the point of now being several online shops.

A great many homebrewers, turned underground brewers and then moved their brewing operations out of Thailand and went pro in recent years and craft beer is now a thing, even if it is mainly with expats and rich kids.

I am a Salopian,proud there of. I have been living in Thailand for near on 13 years and am now a happy family man living with my wife and two sons in Chiang mai.

You can get hold of me at badleebrewed@gmail.com


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