A little too much could never be enough

This is how I feel about Citra and Amarillo.

It’s also how I feel about rye malt, Brett B Trois and low abv high IBU beers.

I obsess about homebrewing. I get an idea and then loose sleep over it,neglect work over it and daydream whilst driving due to it. Strange, I think, for someone who lives in a country which has just this past month seen it’s one and only homebrew store open up and in which the act of homebrewing is in a legal “grey area”. Also strange due to the fact that I do not drink very much.

I just like to love what I drink and brewing against the odds is how I manage it.

A lot of the ingredients I use are brought over to Thailand from the UK,Australia and Canada. I also beg things of other generous and kind hearted hombrew bloggers. So, just in case you are reading this and feel kind, go ahead and send me some yeast,hops,malt or anything else homebrew related.

I am a Salopian,proud there of. I have been living in Thailand for near on 13 years and am now a happy family man living with my wife and two sons in Chiang mai



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