A good friday as usual

Friday is not my favourite day of the week because it sees the working week (for some) at an end, but also because I teach very cool kids at a very nice school.

12 years after starting teaching with my employer I spend the last day of the school week at my very first schol teaching EFL to grades 7&8. I did two lessons that failed at another school,unchanged, and they were a great success. I have to say a very big thank you to the kids in lower Mattayom at JittraWittaya school here in Chiang mai.

Also I am now very much looking forward to seeing my best mate Martin who,as I type,is thundering through the skies from Canada. Martin is not only a great teacher,awsome cook and great buddy,but is also my chief sponsor in my home brew endeavors. Every time he comes over he has a big bag full of goodies for me. Last time it was 10 packs of dried yeast and half a kg of assorted hops.

The one ritual we have is that ASAP we get a brewday in and the bottle and drink the first few together(sometimes they are a little green still) and it is the ultimate in guy time.

Soon to come, Raspberry sour brown brewday.


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