The last bottle

The last bottle

Well today I am sad to say goodbye to the last bottle of my experiment “Berliner weisseryish”
This was a very simple grain bill of a few hundred grams of pilsner malt and a few hundred grams of flaked wheat.
I boiled it for 15 minutes,after a 60 minute mash at 67c,with 250gr of mulberries.

Fermentation was at room temperature( aroud 37c) with a home made lacto culture for 36 hours and then for 4 weeks with a big pitch of Brett B Trois which I cultured from oak cubes very kindly sent to me by Jeff over at

Looks: deep yet bright pink/red with a very fine short lived head

Aroma: hmmmmmm,sourness,ripe fruit,funk,ash

Taste: to say it was a disappointment would take away from the fact that this was a very enjoyable beer. A nice level of tartness with a hint of the fruit coming through and some underlying tones of the famous Brett B Trois fruit and some funk. But there was also something I can only liken to ash in a wood fire,which I am want to attribute to the acidulated malt.

Will I do it that way again? No
Was it worth it ? Hell yes!
What did I learn from it? Do no chicken out when waiting for lacto!

PS, ignore the date my faulty old camera gives out.


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  1. Berliner Weiss are tricky beers. I’m still on a mission to find that magical lacto strain. I’ll bet the ash taste came from something you got in your homemade lacto culture.
    I like the idea of mulberries, they have some acidity on their own and probably helped with the overall fruitiness.

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