My best mate

ImageMy best mate Martin got back to Thailand from Canada on Saturday. We had lunch on Sunday and this is what he had for me in his bag. Martin is amazing and he brings be all sorts of things every time he comes over. We usually make a date for a brewday ASAP so that we may have the first few bottles together before he heads off back to work in Canada.

This time I got 20 oz of hop pellets,2 oz of each: Pallisade, Fuggle, Cluster, Chinook, Mt.Hood, Cascade, Sterling, Goldings, Magnum and good old Northern BrewerImageAnd then there is the yeast, of which I got 15 packs. This is good as I tend to pitch 2 packs of dried yeast at a time due to the relatively low ale temperatures at which I ferment. What I got was: Safbrew s-33 2pcs, Saflager s-23 2 pcs, Safbrew WB-06 2 pcs, Safale s-04 2 pcs, Safale us-05 2 pcs, Danstar Notty 2 pcs, Windsor 2 pcs and BRY-97 1pcs.

As you may well imagine it was like a brew Christmas for me and now I have all sorts of brew ideas going round and round my bald head. The surprises were Sterling and Palisades, as I have never had or used them before. Any tried and trusted combinations there?

We will see. Thank you very much bro for my beer gear.

as always,please ignore the date stamp on the pics


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