Three way split, Brett C tasting

ImageThis has been a long time coming and I am very excited to be posting the tasting notes. The brew day notes can be found here:

On the eyes: the way I see it is deep copper, brown/red mahogany/amber with brilliant clarity.

On the nose: Vienna malt is in your face followed be ripe fruit; pineapple, mango, papaya. There is a slight musty impression and a hint of tartness.

On the tongue: warm bread in the background with a slight lingering tartness which increases with breathing. A faint memory of EKG melding with pineapple/ date/ fig/ sherry, all giving the impression of having not long swallowed a boozy Christmas cake with the tartness taking the form of old toffee apples and a slight alcohol warmth.

On bottling day this was my favourite even warm and flat. It had a very complex wine aroma and I almost didn’t want to carbonate it for fear of ruining it.

Overall: a warming, reassuring, tart Brett aged ale with memories of the fairground  and Christmas. Reminds me ( I am known for being strange) very much of Orval, and I can think of a great many worse beers the be reminded of.



2 thoughts on “Three way split, Brett C tasting

  1. Sounds great. It always nice when the flavors come together as you wanted. Keep up the good work.

    You should take some to your local brewery and see if they’d be willing to brew some on a bigger scale. Isn’t there a beginning of a craft beer scene starting over there?

  2. Thanks Jeff.
    I was sad to find out just a few weeks ago, that Chiang mai’s only micro shut down due to not being able to meet the governments “minimum production” level without making huge losses.
    I couldn’t be be more happy with how this is turning out. So happy in fact, that I am giving out Brett strains to as many of the local brewers( the number of whom increases every week) so that more people can have the chance of greatness.

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