Three way split Brett B Trois tasting

ImageTime for the second of, you guessed it, three tastings from my three way split. This time it’s the turn of Brett B Trois, it’s first outing as a secondary yeast.

Colour: Orange to copper and slightly murky when poured but clear as a bell when warmed a little.

Aroma: Old apples/ old pears/ crab apples/ musty/ sweet treacle toffee

Taste: This is a big collision of juicy sweet breadyness and tartness. Both of which linger but the tartness seems to hang on that little bit longer on the palate and back of the tongue.

There is a faint hint of Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown, a hint of over ripe jackfruit and coffee pralines followed by the quietest whispers of Shiraz.

I get a hint of something so familiar,yet so distant, that every time I think I can nail it down, I just can’t put my finger on what it is. But rather than frustrating me, it is just this quality that makes me like this brew so bloody much.

On bottling day I was very unimpressed by this version, but am now enamored, almost at the level of the Brett C version. This is not to say that the Brett B Trois version is in any way inferior, just different. It definitely reminds me a little of  my Belgian IPA ( which was also fermented with this Brett strain) in the final breath. All in all, I must say that I am very glad indeed that I tried this strain as a secondary yeast.



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