Three way split Brett mix tasting


So, here we are, the third of the Brett aged beers.

This one was a mix of Brett C, Brett B Trois and Orval Brett B.

I am not even going to bore you with colour, as it seems that the colour wasn’t changed enough for my poor eyes to notice.

Aroma: damp hay /toffee /wet whole wheat bread/ over ripe orange/ coffee walnut cake/ a slight bite which I think of as acidic.

Taste: Big coffee/ fruit cake initially, slight tart zing and hint of over ripe oranges, moving on to over baked raisin oatmeal cookies.

This version has the BIGGEST mouth feel of the three. It feels very thick and creamy( sour cream).

The tartness clings to the palate and the mustiness of the other two is there, but very subtle and seems to combine with chocolate coated nuts( no porn or South Park puns please).

It reminds me ever so slightly of the smell of a bikers pub on the morning after; stale Newcastle brown ale, but in a good way and combined with beef and mushroom pie and a pint of Theakstons Old Pec.

There is also a hint of overly diluted honey/lemon /scotch.

The after taste is nowhere near as long lasting as the other two stand alone Brett strains, but it has the tartness as it’s biggest feature and this makes it enjoyable in a very different way.


I am surprised that it’s less complex, given that it contains three Brett strains and the hops seem to have vanished altogether from aroma and flavour, which did not happen with the others.

So, it has lasting tartness but not much else to keep you masticating, so a glass of this goes very quickly and seems to get forgotten.Image


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