TYLERIZATION; The sour (not) raspberry sour brown


This beer was going to be brewed with my best mate Martin,but got put off over and over again. So in the end I brewed on my own and it turned out to be my most efficient brew day ever,time wise that is. Started at 8:30 and was done and cleaned up,aerated and pitched by 12:30.

The other thing that changed was that the supermarket was out of raspberries, so my wife picked up frozen strawberries instead.

There are a few other things about this brew that stand out. The yeast I used for example, was a mix of S-04 and S-23, an English ale yeast and a German lager yeast.

Another thing is that I used a large amount of Weyermann acidulated malt for initial sourness, but added it half way through the mash.

And for effect( only time will tell if it was good) I let it ferment in my brew fridge at 14c for 6 days,brought it out for 36 hours before adding the fruit.

This was a 15 litre batch and I got fairly good efficiency.

Weyermann Munich malt; 1kg

Weyermann Vienna malt; 750gr

Weyermann acidulated malt; 380gr

Rahr pilsner malt; 500gr

British crystal 75; 300gr

Weyermann Carafa special II; 80gr

corrn grits; 500gr

28gr Tettnanger@60

12gr E.K.G@ 20

yeast; Safale S-04 and Saflager S-23

28gr of oak chips to primary




First runnings going in

ImageFWH Tettnanger coming up

ImageSecond runnings on their way in with constant heating.

ImageHot break forming, my new burner is a-bloody-mazing,thank you Martin.

I was aiming at 15 litres at an OG of 1053, but got 17 litres at 1053, so I took 4 and dropped the poor unsuspecting litres onto a nick strong Brett C cake for later enjoyment.

There is a story behind the mane of this beer. As a rule I do not name my beers very often any more,but the birth of a child warrants the giving of a name. For the birth of my 4 year old Wenlock, I brewed a dry stout and called it Wenlock’s rest. So, Tyler ( yes, after the UB40 song) got this one “Tylerization”


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