Tylerization tasting

ImageThe tasting of my son’s namesake beer has been a while coming and I now only have about 6 half litre bottles left.

I had a strange idea and put 6 bottles into the fridge on bottling day to let the lager yeast carbonate and kind of wish I had done so with more, as the strawberry profile was far more intense,but the dreaded butterscotch reared it’s ugly head. Not to an unpleasant level,mind you,but it was there, but enough to make me wonder……………

this write up is of the ale yeast carbonated  bottles, as the other ones are long gone ladies and gents.

Colour: Deep red brown and not overly clear even when warmed up. When held up to the light the red/pink highlights come through very strongly and verge on making him look purple. The head lingers, down from 2.5 fingers to one and has a pink hue. This picture is in my Australian wine glass Ian brought over for me, but even in a pint pot the lacing, if a little scruffy, persists all the way down the glass.


Aroma: home made strawberry jam/preserve. strawberry cheese cake.malty yeastiness.

Mouth feel: full but not thick and cloying. Good carbonation helps this keep the malt profile at the forefront.

Taste: tart, ripe yet unripe strawberries. Big and malty with the tartness of the acidulated male and berries cutting through and doing the job of the hops and giving it perfect balance of flavour. I already used a “this yet that”, but shall use another. The flavour of the strawberries is subtle yet upfront: it develops through the palate and lingers.

I think that using acidulated malt with fruit( even though this is my first attempt) really works well. I cannot tell if it is the acid malt bringing out the fruit or vise versa, but I like it a lot. Enough in fact, for me to request that my dad bring me another bag of it when he comes over from Blighty in January for his holls.

All in all I am quite glad that Makro were out of raspberries when my wife went shopping. I reckon that the grain bill on this is spot on and would work well with other fruits, like the intended raspberries for example, or even kiwi?

A bottle or two of this is going to be hidden from myself and kept for Martin, but I am going to have to ask my wife to hide them from me too.



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