The ever changing beauty of Brettanomyces

I am hard pressed to say how surprised I am that the post I was planning on writing is very close indeed to Derek’s latest over at

My three way Brett aged split was 7 months in the FV and it has been a whole 6 months since bottling and all of a sudden a HUGE change has occurred in one of them.

I had one of each, Brett C, Brett B Trois and Brett mix only last week and they were very much the same beer as when I did the tastings.

But last night,whilst watching The Filipino Wrecking Machine vs The Dragon, I decided to have one, as I had earned a special beer,what with having been a good teacher,good dad and good husband.

So imagine my shock upon opening the bottle of the Brett B Trois and getting a whiff of my nan. Not to say it made me think of corpses( she has been dead a while now), but it brought back memories of how she smelled to me in my early childhood.

The change in aroma and flavour was total and absolute!

My nan’s scented powder was the first thing that hit me. Upon drinking, the “powder” sensation seemed to fill the palate and coat my tongue. It was followed very closely by strong,pleasing alcohol warmth which was fleeting and gave way to the dried lavender that Agnes kept in her clothes cupboard.

The mouthfeel was decidedly fuller than I remember it being and the tartness had declined to a very low level.

It was confusing indeed that I couldn’t quite tell if I like it or not.

I could not pick up ANY of the flavour or aroma profile that made this beer so pleasing before.

Strangely masochistic  is how it felt. Unable to tell if I liked the way it tasted or not, yet constantly drawn back to sip again and fill my mouth with this perplexing thing, to find out one way or the other if it was a taste I liked.

The strange flavour/mouthfeel seems to build for the first 20-30 seconds,then falls away very quickly,fading into warmth and lavender.

So,ladies and gents, I am in absolute awe of the ability Brett has to morph this way and that over time. I am quite sure that this shift will help me to hold on to the last 5 bottles a little longer,but will have me at the other two versions tonight,in the name of science you understand.Image

That is not my nan by the way.


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