CPC: the day the gas failed

Not too may pictures from this brew day,9th of December. I became VERY miffed first at myself and then with things in general.

Firstly, I had an experience entirely new to me. Not only once,but twice on this brew session did I have a stuck sparge. This added at least 35 minutes to the total time used up.

Then was my wort’s seeming reluctance to come to a boil,seemed to take bloody well ages. And when it did come to the boil, I just had the hot break and then the “boil” retreated into the realm of “simmer”.


This lack of combustion lead to another problem, the kind of which I often have the opposite of, too little boil off and too much wort. I was aiming at 19 litres and came out with 22. I was looking for an OG of 1038 and got 1034.

I had gone into this batch with high hopes and high hops. Five ounces going into the boil,2 Cascade, 2 Palisade( my first time) and one Chinook. In this regard it is a very typical Badleebrewed ale,not enough alcohol for most and FAR too much bitterness for most. But this is my style, I love beers at about 4% or 4.5% and 60 IBUs.

The recipe formulation is very typical of me, as I < for my “English” style beers at least, tend to go for 80-10-10%. That is 80% base malt, 10% crystal malt and 10% sugar. It works very well for me and seldom change it.


So, with a feeling of nothing to loose, I opted for an impromptu “hop stand” to get the most out of my 5oz, as I probably got poor utilization from the “simmer” I left her for a good half hour before cooling in the usual ice bath. The smell in my little house was mind blowing and even yesterday,5 days later, the air was filled with hop aroma. It was yesterday that I also went ahead and dry hopped with another oz of Chinook.

So, the grain bill and hops looked like this.

3kg Joe White Australian something or other pale ale malt

300gr CaraMunich

300gr dogs bollox maple syrup

Mash was one hour at 67c

hops: FWH 1oz of Cascade

         @ 20 1oz of Palisade

         @ 15 whirlflock and 9gr each of Cascade/Palisade and Chinook

        @ 10 9gr each of Cascade/Palisade and Chinook

        @ 5 9gr each of Cascade/Palisade and Chinook

I calculated the IBUs at 67 Tinseth


after the hop stand, she was cooled and pitched with 2pcs of Safale US-05 ( also a first for me)

And there we have it. I am going to bottle this batch, as I tend to do,after about 12-13 days, next weekend and will be having the first pint after 3 days in the bottle.

I will go for a gentle carbonation level this time,just in case the bitterness is over the top.


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