Secret Santa

I must have been a very very good boy this year. Not only did I receive a one hundred Pound present from mu mum,but I got all sorts of beer too. Most from friends,but some from ex-students.
One beer in particular excited my so much that I fell to my nees in front of all of my subordinates and my boss.
It was the gift I received in our work secret Santa. The way it works with us is that we know who we must buy for. Hence I,having been given a fellow brewer, gave him a badleebrewed beer kit.
The person buying for me, just happened to be Paulus Maximus, a guy I taught to teach.
The beer I got from him was a beet I had been longing to try so badly that it hurt me in all of my limbs.
A beer that some might say defines a style.
A beet that is not only going to be heaven to drink, but also will aide my in the brewing of my sour beers via it’s dregs.
A beer that I hav wantd to try since my discovery of sour beers about 4years ago. A beer that simply cannot be found over here in Thailand.

Thank you soooooo much Paul. Tje wait of a few weeks before I drink this is a joy. Just knowing that I not only get to drink this Cantillon but also use it makes ig even better still.
I hope with all my heart that you all had a great Christmas.


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