I am just back from a nice meal out at The Dukes here in Chiang Mai, having had 2 bottles of Dead Guy pale ale,my first ever.

I tend only to eat at Dukes when others are paying. It is made even more special when I get to have an imported beer or two.

My dad and his partner both had roast pork and local beer. Wenlock had fried rice and Jeab and I shared a warm spinach and bacon salad with mushrooms along with baked Rigatoni with 3 cheeses and meatballs.

The reason for this post is that I am a lucky guy. Very lucky. When My dad comes over, he brings chocolate Hobnobs for my wife,books for Wenlock and brewing ingredients for me.

ImageI love crystal wheat malt in my rye pale ales. Two kg pilsner malt and a kg of rye malt, along with 300gr of crystal wheat and 300gr of soft brown sugar. Hopped to high hell.

ImageThen there is the brown malt. I have never used this before and am looking forward to using it in a one gallon historic porter recipe. I shall also give some to Mr. Styles.

ImageAnd last but by no means least, I have Mild ale malt. I have used this before in an IPA Imperial Brown ale cross over and I has a nice deep colour with a great nutty flavour. I am leaning towards a 10ltr batch of Porter with this.

I also got a 100gr pack of Experimental hops 366.
Now I can get excited about my mum coming out to Thailand and bringing me more malts and yeast,like Saison yeast and Acidulated malt.

Oooooooh ,I feel a brew coming on!


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