Oud Bruin bottling

ImageSo, this is another step along the way for my “memories of yeast” project, in which I was given oak cubes inoculated with Brett and bacteria,by Jeff over at http://jeffreycrane.blogspot.com/

Now as you may well see, this beer is no baby. She is in fact 16 months old and presented no few headaches for me in the lead up to bottling.

1st, I have never before bottled a beer so old and had a few panic stricken moments over the carbonation. But I will say thank you to Sweetcell over at http://www.homebrewtalk.com

2nd, I have never yet “re-yeasted” a beer,so that makes it two firsts for me in one bottling day.

I decided to take Sweetcell’s advice and use 40gr of table sugar for my 5 litre batch,which I boiled in as little water as I could get away with for 15 minutes or so.

I had a small starter,very small, of T-58 going and decided to just wake it up and pitch it into the bottling vessel that I was using.

So, in went the syrup, the yeast and then I siphoned the beer from the one gallon-ish FV to the syrup/yeast mixture, hoping that I would get the sugar evenly distributed.

I then proceeded to bottle in 330ml bottles, of which I had prepared 15,but filled only 14. I would say that was a a pretty bloody good job though.

within 24 hours I could see visible signs of carbonation in the bottles and I have my heart set on trying a bottle on Wednesday.

So, maybe back soon with some tasting notes.


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