1800’s Brett B Trois Whitbread porter: a one gallon batch

This is a brew that I have been waiting a very long time to brew.  The first reason it took me so long is that I was waiting for some TF brown malt from the UK to be brought over for me.

The second reason is just plain and simple nerves: a beer that needs to be aged for four months and is NOT a Brett or sour beer just scares me.

The third reason is that I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which yeast strain to use. Had I been in the UK or the States it would have been easy as falling out of a tree,but out herein the homebrew hinterlands, we have to make do with dried yeast.

So, I took the only natural route,the only choice that made sense.

ImageA slightly unclear picture of a sight for sore eyes: a thick slurry of my Brett B Trois culture, the same one that I propagated from the oak cubes given me by Jeff Crane.

I remember thinking to myself” if the recipe says quality ale yeast,I cannot think of any yeast that says quality more than this one”

ImageThe grain bill for a  one gallon batch according to the Durden Park Beer Circle consists of: 1.020 kg of pale malt, 200gr of brown malt and 70 gr of black malt. Hops are given as an oz of Fuggles or Goldings.

I subbed TF mild malt for the plain pale. It was either that or Pilsner/Vienna.

So, we will have what we get. I shall bottle in about 14 days and age for as long as my cat like nose will let me before cracking the first bottle.

Brown malt was TF and black malt was from Canada( sorry, no maltster name given).

I used just over an oz of Fuggle pellets, due to the fact that this Brett strain just seems to eat up the hop bitterness.

She was mashed for 75 minutes at 67c and boiled for 75 minutes.

The only problem encountered in the brew session was that I seemed to loose a LOT more to boil off than I normally do, and I tend to figure on a boil off of 20%.

I had to top up with a whole litre of water to hit just over 4.5 litres. I then let it cool down to 20c overnight.

I shook the FV like it owed me money on a Friday night and pitched the  BBT at about 8 on Sunday morning.

ImageAn hour or so after pitching.

ImageTwo hours.

ImageImageThirty-four hours after pitching,it was quite warm, summer is on it’s way.




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