Please sir,sell me some ECY20 Bug County,sir?

Looks like I have been at it again ladies and gents.

Back in October or November I had what I thought was a mate over in the States,near Boston. He was coming back to Thailand and had promised to bring me some Heady Topper and some East Coast Yeast Bug County(the mother bugger!). Well,he dropped off the radar and I was without the beer or the bugs.

I felt like I was being taunted by the thread ECY on love2brew now! over on HBT. I could not order ECY as I am not in the States,but greenly had to read as all the cool sour brewers confirmed their purchase.

So, I put out an appeal, going by the same name as this post and WHAM!. Within an hour or so, a guy responded saying that he had got two vials of ECT20 and would be making a starter with them. Sending some out to me would be no sweat at all.

Fast forward to last Thursday.


That is a vial of Bug County and a vial of house sour bugs(including WLP sour mix,Flemish ale blend,Wyeast Roeselare and dregs) sent to me by Brewing_on_the_internet in the State of Georgia. And they were both about to be pitched into a stout based on Tart of Darkness.

I had fallen in love with the idea of this beer a long time ago and just could not contain my excitement. I got the bugs on Thursday and brewed on Saturday night.

The brew was 11 litres:

1kg TF mild malt

1.3kg Weyermann Pilsner malt

150gr caramunich(60l)

180gr flaked oats

130gr carafa special 2

70gr black roasted barley

All of this was mashed at 68c for 75 minutes with 2.5 ltr/kg.

I FWH ( don’t know why) with 20gr of aged Glacier pellets that should be at about 2%AA.

This was the grain bed

ImageI tend to brew at night, as that is the only time I get. So it is not unheard of for me to end a brew session at midnight or after. When This happens I get the wort down to about 40c and then leave it over night to cool.

But this also means that I sometimes just get to a boil as even my late night neighbours are going to bed. Luckily for me, I was all mashed in by 7:45.


ImageAnd getting the second runnings by 9:20.

ImageAnd the boil timer was started.

ImageAfter an hour of boiling I moved the brew kettle to the downstairs bathroom to “shower” the sides to bring the temperature down before sitting it in an ice-bath.

I finished watching UFC with my English IPA,put a lid on the wort and went to bed.

The next morning, Wenlock, my 5 year old son was making sure that I was going to let him be the guardian of the StarSan and the KeeperImage of Yeast and Bugs.

ImageWenlock also decided to pitch some re-hydrated Windsor just to get things moving along. The two five litre FVs were then put into the brew fridge at about 18c.

There was enough wort left over for me to get just under two litres and have a bit of an experiment,something I had been waiting for since I made my Sauerkraut.


The starter of Sauerkraut lacto smelled in-your-face-sour, in the best possible way, so in it went.


There we are. The small batch to be lacto soured was put in a warm quiet place to contemplate it’s possible sourness undisturbed.

Today the two five litre FVs looked like this:

ImageWindsor is a very fast worker,so these babies will come out to play on day three,leaving my brew fridge free for my third re-brew of Citrye-Simrye-366rye.

PS: Hello to the 9 readers in Sweden today.Cheers!




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