Mum-livery and a bottle from a student

It’s happy happy time again. This time my mum is here for her first real visit in over four years and she brought some goodies for brewing.

Firstly a kg of DME


This is for making starters with. Bigger than usual starters so that I can make the vials of yeast go further. WLP British ale, Dusseldorf Alt and Belgian Wit 1.


And there are a few dried yeast packets to boot.


Then we have some hops, a mixture of whole hops and pellets: Citra,Amarillo,Cascade,Experimental 366 and Bobek.


On a very practical note we have some of this and it’s big!


So, if I make up large starters and harvest part of them, I will have White Labs yeast of three kinds to use for ages. The hops are also very exciting. Citra and Amarillo are two of my favourites, Cascade is good,366 I already have a pack of(which I will use this weekend) and I have never tried Bobek,but think it will go well in a Wit.

Thank you so mum little mum.

ImageFor this I have to thank Cynthia, a student on the TEFL course I am teaching. She was cool enough to get her boyfriend to bring it over from England for me. When the dregs have settled down to the bottom of the bottle I shall drink it and pitch said dregs into a starter. I shall then pitch half of the dregs into my Lambic with the out of date Flemish ale mix. The other half will go to Dan.


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