My students remember me

It is a very special feeling for any teacher to have his or her kids think enough of yhem to want to give presents.
I can think back on many a Christmss on which I needed to enlist the help of others to help me carry the rewards of the job back to my car.
But this.


A student who I taught in grade 8 at an inner city school came up to me all excited,telling me he had a book belonging to his mum,which he would very much like me to read.
I thanked the young man,now in grade 9 and no longer my student.
He left the book with his teacher,who is one of twenty that work under me.
You can imagine the look on Dan’s face when young Mike gave hime these two things for me.
Now have a look at the note.


What can I say?
I am about as hard to read as a comic book?
I love my kids.
Ask any teacher. Once your kids,ever your kids.


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