Saison de Bobek tasting

Well, hasn’t it just taken me ages and ages to post this.

It’s a bloody good job I remembered too, as this was the very last bottle I had.


Appearance: deep yellow/gold. Starts clear but yeast kicks up from the good high level of carbonation and impedes clarity, but not the beauty. Head starts at two and a half to three fingers, dissipating to just over one and lasting at that level for the duration.

Aroma Vienna malt, sweet lemon,honey,perfume with a floral lilt (from the hops?) and a little pepper.

Taste: The carbonation is full and gives the impression of more body than the beer in fact has. It is bone dry, which only becomes apparent in the aftermath.


Floral hops followed by sweet lemon. Honey and grainy malt follows. It is only a hint of malt that shines through, but is just perfect to off set the dryness.

Bringing up the rear is the yeast,which is a little peppery, has a little clove,a little fruit and a fain yet pleasing tartness.

As the beer warms a little, the bitterness and hop aromas/flavours come out more,clinging to the palate.

For me this is THE PERFECT Saison, combining so many aspects, so of which verge on “in your face” but never quite pluck up the courage to overpower the rest. Styrian Bobek is now on my special hop list of “the ones to use again without fail”.


The recipe is also a rare thing in my brewing: a grain bill and hop schedule that I will use again without change.

Brew day/recipe:



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