Whitbread 1800s Porter tasting

20140816_211230This is a review of the very last bottle of this batch. I seem to do a lot of last bottle tastings of late, and kick myself for it. But, here goes. Oh, sorry for the crappy photo quality.

Appearance: Beautiful dense off white/light tan head. Deep brown with hints of red. Hop particles in suspension made it into the bottle and seemed to dance around to the tune of the carbonation.


Aroma: I had a bit of a cold and cannot help feeling that I missed out a little.   Hops,lots of them, in a very resiny English way. Hint(only) of Brown malt,coffee and some twang of tartness.  Over ripe plums and warm pretzels without the salt. Brett.

Taste:  The carbonation made this beer feel very full in the mouth.  There is a deffinate tartness along with the restrained roasty/coffee from the large percentage of Brown malt.

Under sweetened autmn fruit preserve and a tartness to bitterness balance that is perfect,coats the mouth afterwards.  As the beer warms, a little more coffee comes through along with  a little black/white pepper corn and watermelon rind. There is also an earthy quality hat takes over from the fruit.


The beer does very much seem to be at it’s best now. It is again one of those occasions on which I wish there were a few more gallons of this stashed in my “keeping cupboard”. It was, without a doubt worthy of a one gallon trial batch and will be brewed again,bigger this time(volume that is) and maybe oak a portion of it.


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