Komes Baltic Porter

Thank you very very much Asia for bringing this beer back from Poland for me.


This beauty weighs in at 9% on the head.
Colour: just shy of black,deep red at the edges with a dense and beautiful two finger head,tan,receding to one finger and hanging on to the sides of my favourite glass for the duration.

Aroma: fig rolls,preserved figs,bread,chocolate confectionary snd a hint of coal dust(I know,wierd).

Taste: Mouthfeel is full,chewy and creamy. Fantastic restrained yet ever present  roasted mslt character.
Diluted espresso and a hint,no a whisper, of hops.
Raisins and tecacle on the back of the palate and maybe just a hint of diacatyl,but not that it comes over as a flaw, it adds character to an elsewise very clean fermentation character.
The lable of this beer lists all of its ingredients,in Polish,and even the yeast strain used: W34/70.
Is there anything wrong with this beer? Yes: I had only one 500ml bottle of it!
In all,a very sexy little cold fermented Baltic Porter.
Thank you very much Asia


Watch “Thailand’s Craft Beer Outlaws” on YouTube

Thailand’s Craft Beer Outlaws: http://youtu.be/dR7l-O3eHb0
When I first started homebrewing here in Thailand five years ago,I felt alone.
I was kicked off a Thai webforum for asking questions about illegal activities.
Our homebrew scene is growing at a slow but steady pace in Thailand  in general but more so here in Chiang Mai.
Illegal craft brewers?
Watching this brought a tear of joy to my eyes,even though a mistake or two was made.
I am not alone.
We homebrewers of the Kingdom are not alone!

Thank you Paulus Maximus 2

Recently I was offered by PM to have a few beers brought over from the U.K.
I got three




The first of the three was on the dream list.
3Fonteinen oude geuze,a tasting.
This bottle was filled on 22/05/2012.
Aroma: funk,mould,cheese,sherbert,citrus fruit rind and pith,cold cuts,raw almonds and pistachio skin,mouse,hamster,wild rabbit and white wine leas.
Colour:  Deep gold,mostly clear,but with slight haze. Brilliant white two finger head that quickly dissipates to one finger.
Taste: big acidic punch,grapefruit pith,slight hint of under ripe crabapples,cooking apples,plasters, antiseptic cream.
It is dry dry dry, a slightly astringent bitterness that moves into your mouth,coating it with wood and sawdust.
There is honeydew melon midpalate, but it quickly fades like a sound you are unsure you heard.
Makes my gums tingle.
Goosberries and cold lamb chops.
It is so bright and sour,yet bitter that it is hard to believe.
There is hay,not quite ready to be cut,grain barn, the nuts and pulses section of a healthfood shop.
Pine needles and holly.
So funny,yet again, that a beer so so so dry,can be so full and mouth filling,palate coating and lingering.
Also strange that a beer with almost no IBUs should exhibit such obvious bitterness..

As the beer warms, the flavours seem to meld more and become less apparent as individual components,but enhance eachother. The aroma of sherry and glace cherries combined with cooked meats and cheese increase with the beer temperature.

It took me so long to get my hands on a bottle of this beer and just as I said with Cantillon, if I were able to get this easily,I would hoard it by the case.
Another thing that these beers have in common is that I owe a debt of thanks to Paulus Maximus, who after a few attempts managed to get a relative to bring it for me.
For company on it’s voyage my 3F had a Rodenbach Grand Cru and a Stone Pale Ale.
Stone was the first to go,a good beer but lacking in tail end bitterness.
RGC was much better than their regular version and another sexy beer I would love more opportunity to drink.