Watch “Thailand’s Craft Beer Outlaws” on YouTube

Thailand’s Craft Beer Outlaws:
When I first started homebrewing here in Thailand five years ago,I felt alone.
I was kicked off a Thai webforum for asking questions about illegal activities.
Our homebrew scene is growing at a slow but steady pace in Thailand  in general but more so here in Chiang Mai.
Illegal craft brewers?
Watching this brought a tear of joy to my eyes,even though a mistake or two was made.
I am not alone.
We homebrewers of the Kingdom are not alone!


2 thoughts on “Watch “Thailand’s Craft Beer Outlaws” on YouTube

  1. Great post, Lee! I have a few Thai friends and I love their cuisine. I am always astonished that despite their love for food, most Thai people have not discovered craft beer even if they live in America. I hope one day that will change, because there is nothing better than a hoppy pale ale and some spicy pa cha!

    • Cheers very much Dan.
      It still knocks me over too.
      I gave some IIPA to some friends who studdied in Europe and the US. All they could say is that it smelt of strange flowers!
      The locals are coming around though,slow and steady.

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