Komes Baltic Porter

Thank you very very much Asia for bringing this beer back from Poland for me.


This beauty weighs in at 9% on the head.
Colour: just shy of black,deep red at the edges with a dense and beautiful two finger head,tan,receding to one finger and hanging on to the sides of my favourite glass for the duration.

Aroma: fig rolls,preserved figs,bread,chocolate confectionary snd a hint of coal dust(I know,wierd).

Taste: Mouthfeel is full,chewy and creamy. Fantastic restrained yet ever present  roasted mslt character.
Diluted espresso and a hint,no a whisper, of hops.
Raisins and tecacle on the back of the palate and maybe just a hint of diacatyl,but not that it comes over as a flaw, it adds character to an elsewise very clean fermentation character.
The lable of this beer lists all of its ingredients,in Polish,and even the yeast strain used: W34/70.
Is there anything wrong with this beer? Yes: I had only one 500ml bottle of it!
In all,a very sexy little cold fermented Baltic Porter.
Thank you very much Asia


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