Saison de Mosaic

Strange one this,a beer to compare with Mr. Styles,identical in all but 10% of the fermentables.
Well,kind of……..
Oh,bugger,O.K. You got me,I cheated.


After splitting a 100gr pack of Mosaic pellets posted from Australia,we threw recipe ideas around via Line for a few days and came up with this strange competition-ish idea.

We would brew the same beer with as little room for individualism as posdible,just for the sake of it.
35% Pils
35% Vienna
20% wheat malt
10% up to the brewer’s fancy(mine was cane sugar)
The idea was that the base OG before our 10% addition should be 1.050( mine was 1.059)

We would add nothing except our 50gr share of the Mosaic and NONE of the hops would be before 20 minutes left in the boil. Strange idea right? It was mine.
I went with 10@20, 5@15, 15@10,10@ flame-out and 10 as dry hop.

We have both been playing around with Belle Saison quite a bit,so we split a big slurry I had and used that.


The stipulstion here was that we cool to 20c-ish and let fermentation take the temperature where it wanted.


advantage to me; whilst Mr Styles brewed a 15 litre batch with his 50gr of Mosaic,I wanted bang for my buck and so brewed only a five litre batch!
So,I cheated a few ways and shall list them for you here.
1) I used citric acid in the mash at a rate of 0.67gr/kg of grain.
2) I used water salts at a rate of 1 tsp per 5 gallons of water treated( thank you AJdelange) of gypsum and calcium. I also added about 0.25 teaspoon of Epsom salts. I brewed with 100% R.O water.


3) I had about 40 gr of CF115 whole hops still in the freezer and threw them into the mash.


4) I let the fermentation start,dare I say it, (you are not judging me right?)in me fridge at 23c for the first 8 hours.



So,now that is off my chest and my soul is laid bare to you,it was bottled at the 14 day mark as per my tendancy and primed with 1.8 gr of cane sugar per 500ml bottle aiming for soft English carbonation at about 1.8 volumes.

I have had a few of these  now and am most impressed with how it turned out. I shall post tasting notes in a day or two.


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