Saison de Mosaic tasting


My in-laws’ house is quite dark,so I have to sometimes resort to adding light.

Colour: the deepest of “watery sunshine” yellow, falling just shy of gold.
The clarity is not great, due to the yeast becoming agitatied by my mum-in-law searching for things in the fridge. The other bottles have been crystal clear.
Pours with a two finger head,receding to one,lacing all the way down to the bottom of the glass.


Aroma; resiny hops,pineapple and bubblegum/Chewits,canned fruit in very light syrup and stewed apples.
Background of white/pink pepper and,wait for it,this one is strange, faintest aroma of fresh womens sweat.
Orchards at the end of summer,overripe fruit just oozing juices.


Taste: beautiful candy-like sweetness that is not actually there and inly fleetingly apparent.
That is followed by a wonderful smooth bitterness that is more of a nibble than a bite.
The mouthfeel is very full and smooth,even though the final gravity was down at 1.004.

Faint English floral hop notes mid palate before the sweet fruit juice medley of Mosaic comes back in a crashing wave of hops and then a great dry finish with an afterthough of pine needles.


Had I carbonated this more, it would have had that perfect bone dry Saison finish. But having so little priming sugar per bottle,it is very well carbonated.
The beer is as if an Englush IPA married an overly confident low-ish ABV Saison and had a daughter named Saison de Mosaic.


I do think,if you do not mind my saying so, that I have nailed the grainbill for this kind of “hoppy Saison” or Sai P.A.
In fact,I would have to rebrew the Bobek Saison with this grain bill just to see how that little stunner of a hop sits on this throne.
It is sonewhat strange to think that I was afraid that there would be too many IBUs in this beer,but to tell the truth,I think it could handle another 15 or so and still be as happy as a pig in poo.



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