The drain pour

One of the guests on The Sour Hour recently reminded one and all the we should not be afrait to tip out a sucky sour beer. Even though,he added,it has taken you a year or more to ferment,out with it!


I bottled a portion of my “Lamic style wort” fermented with Windsor and WLP 665 on the first of November 2014. I even went so far as to blend it with some of it’s sister batch fermented with Belgian Lambic blend,due to the latter lacking in sourness,but having great Brett character.

Back on bottling and blending day there was very punchy sourness and a hint of vinegar.
Nothing,I though,that would be too much to handle,or be regarded as an “infection”,lol,bastard.

We were moving some things around the house yestetday,after my being given a “storage space” in our small extention at the back of our house.
This,I thought,would be the perfect chance to check up on these two babies, just over half a year after topping up.

First up was Miss Belgian Lambic Blend; ever so slightly tart,a little brett,nice,but needs some age. So off she went to her new home.

Next was Miss Flemish Sour.


She looked a mess. Not just that, the smell took away my breath and brought tears to my eyes! Knockout blow of Vinegar and solvent.
Taste it,I thought,just in case.
Bad idea,severe burning was followed by heartburn.
You,my little darling,have to go,I decided with a lump in my throat,a tear in my eye and fire in my belly.


As she was slipping down the drain, a two inch thick mat of puke-like pellicle dropped out.
My wife thought I may have thrown up,and promptly did so herself.
24th November 2014- 4th May 2015
Loved by my
Gone but always in my heart


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