Wallonian Farmhouse IPA

This beer started life as IPA de Belgique,was going to be fermented with Nottingham, was going to be a winter brew and was not going to have any kettle sugar added.
Ho hum


The starting grainbill


Had a stuck sparge in my new mash tun and solved the problem by holding down the braid with a spoon and holding said spoon in place with a kitchen knife.


The boil


The hops and WF yeast starter.


Colour; deep copper verging on amber,clarity is quite poor due to yeast and hop haze.
Pours with dense two finger head,receding to one.

Aroma; big floral,sweet juicy tropical citrus hop nasal G.B.H.
There is a hint of malt and pepper from the yeast.


Flavour; first off, medium- full mouthfeel that just oozes with hops(Citra/Centennial/Delta).
The finish manages to be very dry and a little warming.
Bitterness is very firm but manages to feel slightly understated. The maltiness is very supportive,which makes me glad that I took a chance on the Melanoidin malt.
I purposly undercarbed this beer at about 1.9 which helps lend a very smooth finish,yet the Wallonian Farmhouse still gives it a bone dry finish on the palate, leaving only hop resin and a hint of Saison pepper/spice.

This beer reminds me a little of Freshly Squeezed IPA, in that it is far too easy drinking than it has any right being.


Munich 37%
Pils 24%
Vienna 24%
Melanoidin malt 7%
Crystal wheat 5%
300gr of table sugar in the boil
8 litre batch
OG 1.096
FG 1.008

Hops 20gr aged Galena(5%aa)@ 60
10gr each of Citra/Centennial @ 15,10,5
100gr Delta at flame out.
The Yeast Bay Wallonian Farmhouse yeast
7 days at 21c
14 days at 28c



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