Zombie Burt; Brett aged Porter


Colour; deep murky red with brown and hints of purple. Pours with beautiful off-white two finger head,receding to a thin film,an after thought of head.
Evokes thoughts of Rodenbach.

Aroma; Brett mix funk and malt,afterthought of tart stone fruit.
Hint of alcohol and slighr mustiness.
Malt and stale bread with a hint of Diacatyl.


Taste; upfront is a mix of bread,tart stone fruit,Brett and,wait for it,a strange one, Marmite/Vegemite.
The tartness hangs around on the tongue for ages and even seems to stick to the gums.
With an in-breath the “tart stone fruit” clears up and solidifies as under ripe cherries and plums/damsons.


As the beer warms it becomes more and more like a bottle of Rodenbach,but with more alcohol snd lack of sweetener. High praise indeed.
Mouthfeel is medium-medium full and has a wonderful coating sensation.
This realy is,I cannot play it down at all, a bloody wonderful beer and a joy to sip at.
What makes it even more special is that Mr Styles was dissapointed with his creation. He also failed to remember the recipe,OG or FG.


I know for a fact that the Brett he used was my house Brett mix containing Brett Drie,Brux and C with an extra top off of C.

I cannot thank Mr Styles enough for this beer,as the bottle reviewed was the second bottle he gave me out of a 5 litre batch.
I had to wake my wife up to tell her I was leaving,to live with a beer.
Job well done,Mr Styles. Re-brew time I think.


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