Viennese Sour,Cabin Blend 2 tasting


Brewed back in March 2014,this is one of a three way split,fermented with Windsor and the cultures I was sent by Ethan T.
Colour: Amber,almost brown. A little darker than my Vienna lager.
Pretty one finger head the VERY quickly vanishes to leave a thin ring around the glass.
Has the faintest of haze.

Aroma: Musty/sherbert-like Brett profile,bread/malt,a hint of diacatyl.
Dried raisins and golden toasted white bread. Faint hint of acid.

Taste: There is a hint of diacatyl on the palate,which is quickly swept away by Brett,dried fruit,old fruitcake,lemon juice,saurkraut,pickled herrings without the fish,preserved Kiwi,lemon and bitter orange.

This beer has a great coating mouthfeel,helped by the filling,puckering sourness that follows from the initial impression. The acidity is high enough to clibg to the palate but not the back of your throat.


As the beer warms,faint hints of berries(not able to pin down what kind) come through and the diacatyl is no longer noticable.

Given all of the descriptors used,it is not overly complex. It does,however, give the desired hit of sourness without any “flaws”.


I did two things differently with this beer,from my last long aged sour;
1) I remembered to “feed” the bugs a month before bottling,as I do with Brett secondary beers,thus negating the need for new yeast.
2) I prepared myself,thanks to The Sour Hour,for a kick-up of Pedio related by products after bottling and was able to give it enough time to settle into itself after refermentation.


For the first bottle,this beer drinks very well indeed. I very much look forward to charting the development of this batch in the bottle over time.

Again,a huge thank you to Ethan T for making this beer possible. Two more tastings to come in the not to distant future.

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