Stingoed are you?


Sorry for this having the look of a post on Shut up about Barklay Perkins.
Not that looking like one of Ron’s posts would be bad.
I just got rushed and taking pics,not my strong point,slipped my mind.

So,I needed to throw something on the the cake of the last remaining Sour Viennese(Petrus dregs) and one of my sour stouts. They both needed bottling up snd I was in a quandry as to what to brew.
I happened upon a few posts about Stingo in a few days and it was decided.
According to what little info there is around, Stingo was a strong brown ale which was laid down for a year,in oak to mellow out.
There are some hints that this may have been a sour or at least tard and Brett influenced.
It has also been suggested that Stingo could be the forebarer of Rodenbach.

I have not had much time of late and everything I have done,has been done in a hurry. Short boils,short mashes,rushed bottling.


I needed to fill one 5ltr DJ and one 3.8ltr DJ,so threw together a partial-mash recipe for 8.5 litres.
Recipe OG:1.062
2lb Muntons medium DME
400gr Vienna malt
100gr Victory
100gr flaked barley
200gr Pils
100gr TF crystal 120
80gr TF crystal wheat
50gr TF pale chocolate
A tablespoon of roasted barley thrown into the mash for the second sparge
Hops: 10gr of old Herkules for 30 minutes of a thirty minute boil.
Fermented with S-33.


It fermented for a week at 18c before being thrown to the wolves.
I had a small yeasty glass,the leftovers if you will,to taste and it was smooth,strong and malty,very pleasing.
I am thinking that this will be done more quickly than the others. No scientific mothod behind this conclusion,just a gut feeling.

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