Sour Viennese Cabin Blend 1 tasting

All hail the return of crappy dark pictures!


The second tasting from my S.V. wort.
Colour; deep sunny orange,pale copper with hints of amber. Poured with a beautiful frothy three finger head,which fell quicker than a let down souffle,leaving a sparse covering,yet more than CB2.


Aroma; musty sherbert,old cheese,stale re-heated bread,hay,over-ripe pears and under-ripe peaches.
Has a cherry pie/tinned blueberry cheesecake filling thing going on.
Hint of mouthwash and acidity.
This is to Funk,what CB2 was to sour! The cow hath been milked dry of the funk!


Taste; mild(he said!) acidity that is just enough to pleasing,yet not brash. This is followed by a big Brett C and Brett B profile.

Dried pear and apricot,boiled sweets like the “Herbals” I bought as a child in Shropshire.

A hint of both Cider and Shiraz mixed with a little pink/white pepper and a touch of dried out old ham sandwich(yummy!).


The acidity is just enough to linger and keep the palate alive and coated with a wonderful “Orval-esque” Brett flavour that also has an almost forgotten whisper of Cantillon.
This baby is Bretty,oh she is going to change her name to Brettina the Funk Princess!


I get a hint of Rose Keemun/Earl Grey tea as she warms.
What a beauty of a beer she is. No way could she be accused of being one dimensional.
I may well throw the dregs of a few of these into a starter and pitch into my Lent Saison,to be put down over the three months of Buddhist Lent.

Again,thank you very much Ethan for making this pissible.

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