Blackman Saison with A4


I was re-listening to The Sour Hour whilst on my way to physio during my “summer holiday” this April when I started like a bulldog sitting on a hornet.
I heard very brief mention about a company supplying dried yeast/Lacto/Pedio blends in The States.

Well,I had to find out about this ASAP,and started to obsess,as I am want to do.


Barrett runs this operation,hell he IS this operation,and a multi award winning homebrewer from Texas!
I managed to make contact with him through Facebook and was redirected to his website.

I ordered a pack each of A4 and B4 to split with Mr Styles and kept on bugging Barrett for info along the way. Lucky for me he is a great bloke who was forthcoming with answers to all my questions.


Following Barrett’s recipe advice I threw together a “Saison-esque” recipe for an eight litre batch.


Shooting for an OG of 1.050 (which I hit on the head);
Pilsner malt 26%
Vienna malt 54%
Wheat malt 14%
Oats(fine cut) 6%
Hops; 18 IBUs of Herkules,15@60 minutes and 3@ 20 minutes.



I brewed at night,removed the hops and let the wort cool overnight. The following morning I used an ice bath to cool the wort down to 18c ,pitched and set the FVs in my fermentation fridge set at 21c.
It sat thus for one week.
In Barrett’s original advice I had been told to primary for a week and then bring up to room temperature for a couple of weeks for “acid production”.
At the one week mark I took both FVs out and let raise to ambient temperatures in my house-29.5c for two weeks.



I then cocked up by forgetting to tske FG readings and bottled in 630ml bottles with 3.6gr of table sugar per bottle.


Initial tastings were a let down to say the least. But,I do tend to get into my beer early on,so one or two weeks in the bottle may not have been enough.
It tasted like a cross over between P.J Fruh and hefeweizen. No tartness to be found.

A week later I gave a few bottles to my in-laws. They loved it. They picked up tartness where I did not.
I may have suffered from a lactic acid perception shift.

I had the last bottle last weekend and it was coming along nicely. The carbonation was way up. The tartness was there,yet to me very subdued.

I will rebrew and pitch the slurry,this time taking the primary temps up and giving it longer to bulk age.


Bkackman Saison tasting notes

Colour; pale golden with absolute clarity,not unlike a lager.

Aroma; clean malt/cereal with hints of sweetness and a mix of Witbier(changed a little) and PJ Fruh.
Hint of banana,a la Hefeweizen.


Flavour; sweet yet dry and quenching with clear taste of Vienna/Pils malt.
Great carbonation washes over the palate,bringing with it just a hint of tartness,banana,clove,breakfast cereal and maice.
Non of the flavours linger for long,leaving the sweet malt alone at last.


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