Brettanomyces Custersianus Best Bitter

Here we go with an impromptue tasting of a happy accident.


Colour: murky golden orange with heaps of yeast in suspension. Creamy mousse like head that drops quite quickly but lasts and clings.


Aroma: huge hoppy mixture herbal mint,pepper,floral,marmalade,orange,lemon peel,pineapple,peach mix of chewy juicy fruit with slight Brettiness.
There are no off flavours despite starting the fermentation at 16c and letting it free raise to 29.5c.


Taste: slight herbal mint mix from Northern Brewer with a hint of spice I am attributing to the Brett.
The bitterness is beautiful with a slight clinging bite with the after swallow inbreath. It clings to the palate for the duration.
Thick cut marmalade with lemon peel,pineapple,mango and peach.
Malty biscuity backbone just there like a backing band to a famous solo artist.


I cannot say enough about the big chewy juicy sweet fruity sensation that seems to drip down the inside of my mouth and form a protective layer. It is a wonderful thing that comes from great hop profile(Styrian Goldings C late in the boil) and Brett fermentations.

There is even a slight,fleeting hint of mushroom.


I am now kicking myself for not fermenting the whole bloody batch with Brett Custers.
For an afterthought to propogate some more Brett with extra wort,this was a great surprise.
At drinking,the beer is two weeks old,with one week in the bottle already.
Downside: only 2.5 ltr of it,all of which now gone.

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