Tart of Darkness clone: tasting


It is such a very strange concept,to clone a beer one has never had. Strange to love a beer you have never tasted.
Tart of Darkness is a sour oatmeal stout from The Bruery,in Orange County,California.
But this is how I am; all round steange.

This is a bottle from half of the batch,the other half not yet ready to bottle,too many rough edges.

Colour: beautiful,perfect stout black,with one finger head slowly receding to a spattering.

Aroma: Brett funk and sour fruit,like strong Brett C., cold chickory coffee,melted and then frozen chocolate,musty sherbert and cherry ice-cream.


Flavour: sour fruit filled chocolate with a hint of coffee. Sourness coats and clings to the palate.
Bitter herbs,sour mango leaves and a hint of cocoa.
Grapefruit,lemon peel,bittergourd. A big mouth filling sensation from the sourness,but strangely feels smooth and creamy,yet prickly at the same time.

There is very little of the stout profile to be found.
In the aftertaste,the Brettanomyces fights it out almost to the death,yin-yang style,with the peppery bitter sourness.

This is probably the most sour and complex,yet harmonious, of the small sour batches.
It has changed quite a bit since bottling,tilting more to the sour and away from smooth and creamy,but not in a displeasing way.

This is the beer I wanted Bug Country for,yet the FV with that version is still sat there,gathering dust and lizard drops,waiting for me to taste again,waiting for me to decide it has become what I wished of it.

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