A mixed culture Saison

Hello again,I am still here.
I recently took a three month break from drinking for Buddhist Lent and have been full on since resuming my interaction with beer.


This is the starter.
Not just A starter but THE starter for my Saison; Ryeson.
Inspiration for Ryeson came once again from re-reading bearflavored. Derrek is such a great writer and has helped me with a few things.
So,I wanted a Saison to be a few things;
1) not a huge abv monster
2) still have a little kick
3) have an element of sourness to make the flavours zing
4) be a bit of a fermentation mess( I win there)
5) to be a bit of a experiment in which I surrender the majority of the control and just go where it takes me.


I went to the trouble of tracking down and begging Prosecco bottles for Ryeson.


I then needed to get a triage bell (29mm) for my capper.

Then,with a recipe in mind,all I had to do was brew and wait a few months.

As you can see from the starter there are oak cubes in,and they went into the bucket with all of the yeast and bugs,for the duration.
Yeast and bugs:
No science here. I knew what I wanted and just threw the kitchen sink at this.
Wallonian Farmhouse
Belle Saison
Lacto Brevis
Brett Drie
Brett Custers
3F dregs and what ever bugs were still in the oak.

8 litre batch
OG 1.045
FG 1.000
IBUs: 15 from a single @60 addition of old Herkules whole hops

Grain bill
45% Weyermann Pils
30% Weyermann Vienna
25% TF rye malt


Tasting notes; Ryeson
Colour; deep golden/orange with a one finger head,down from 2.5 at pouring.
Streaming carbonation from a beer that would liked to have escaped the bottle.


Fruity,ripe sweet and fleshy,dry cider, a little hodgepodge of funk and some Brettables. Dirty white wine and a hint of acidity.


White wine,both dry and sweet,cider,Champagne and white chocolate mixed with natural yoghurt.
Just a prickly hint of acidity that is very pleasing, but shows up again in the stomach with more volume.
Tangerines/nectarines incream or Carnation milk and a hint of vanilla ice-cream,as it would taste, running down the cone and onto your hand.
As the beer warms a little (served at 12c) the acidity pop and zings a little more, as the Wallonian makes it’s self known at the back of the palate.
Bone dry,yet with an impression of sweetness and a fullness of mouth from the rye malt.


Not quite what I had expected,but a very pleasing and fantastically drinkable surprise.

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