Mixed Culture Saison 2


This beer was brewed a few weeks after Ryeson,as an afterthought. An experiment,if you will.
I had little in the way of expectations to start with and even thought,six weeks in,that it might be undrinkable.
Thank god I was wrong. And boy was I wrong!


Colour; deep dark golden,hey just before it dries out too much,honey.
Pours with a beautiful two finger head,which heartbreakingly quickly breaks down to a dispersed collection of rafts of head.
Very nearly clear( glass has condensation) with streaming carbonation.


Aroma: sherbert,musty Bretty aroma,honey,cream,sesame seeds,rotten lemon,squashed watermelon rind and wild fermented scrumpy from an earthenware flagon.
There is a hint of tarragon and the faintest whisper of salted Morello cherries(if they existed).
Old fashioned baby shampoo,wet leather almost dried and sweaty bus seat.


Taste: sherbert,rockmelon,melted vanilla ice-cream and oatmeal biscuit crumbs.
Cucumber,tarragon and parstley,grapefruit juice watered down with melted ice,banana skin that still has a hint of green.
Honey and lemon peel.
Chiang Mai zoo.
Upon burping,steak and kidney pie,even though I have not eaten it in over six months.
I also get some sherry mixed with cough lozenges.
The finish on this beer is very crisp and very dry,leaving the tongue tingling.
There is a hint of acidity that does not carry too many of it’s own flavour compounds.
The finish is very smooth.


This beer was pitched with a mix of Belle Saison,Wallonian Farmhouse,Lacto Brevis and Mariage Parfait dregs propped up.
Pitching temperature was 18c and it was allowed to free rise until it stopped at 29c.
I bottled at three months and waited two more months to taste.


Pretty much none of the base malt comes through,which was mostly Munich and it has the wonderful dry finish I had so hoped for in Ryeson.
As the beer warms,so the acidity shines a little more and there is a hint of tea.

5litre batch
90% Weyermann Munich
5% wheat malt
5% cane sugar
OG: 1.063
FG: 1.000
Mashed at 66 for 75 minutes.
18 IBU total from 5gr additions of Herkules at 60 & 20.

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