Chiang Mai craftbeer


This is Chiang Mai Beer’s Red Truck IPA,bought from NamTon’s House bar.
They are kind of one and the same.
This beer weighs in at 5% alcohol,is brewed in Laos by CMB and then imported to Thailand by Mountain Brewer,who are also CMB under a different name.
It is Chiang Mai’s first craftbeer and the brewer could not be more proud. Rightly so!



Colour: pours deep golden with a one finger head and a little haze.
It seems to be force carbonated. The head dissipates quite quickly,but clings to the glass.


Aroma: a hint of peach/peach melba yoghurt and lychee.
Reisinous hops,reminding me of Simcoe and Chinook.
A hint of freshly cut grass.


Taste: very clean,slightly bready,grainy malt backbone.
Nice smooth,yet assertive bitterness,with citrus,peach and a little hop dankness.
Mouthfell is very smooth,with  low-ish carbonation,in the style of an English IPA,rather than a US example.
There is a hint of ginger mid-palate,which is quickly washed from the tongue along with the hops.
The finish is VERY clean, with only a little bitterness clinging to the back of the palate and sides of the tongue.
As the beer warms and I get further down the glass,the ginger and lychee become more prominent and the clarity improves.


This is a very enjoyable and crushable,lower alcohol IPA, that has a VERY clean fermentation profile(US-05?).
I feel it lacks a little in aroma hops,but only as compared to the flavour.
Well done CMB and NamTon’s House bar.

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