Thai underground craft beer: Udomsak


This is one of the reasons I was at NamTon’s house bar. I got another two bottles of reason. The Eleventh Fort and Red Truck were just plesant surprises. I had arranged for a beer swap, set up by Takky at HopsHub BKK.

This is Udomsak Saison IPA, 6.5%a



Colour; deep murky copper,almost light brown, with deep orange shining through like the sun from behind a dense layer of cl



Aroma; light citrus fruit,cider,white wine. Maybe Nelson?
Not much else on the nose.
I did not expect much at this point and was about to be


Taste; slight smokiness/roast beautifully balanced with citrus and a hint of white grapes.
A little mixed pepper and cinnamon.
There is a little tartness that clings very pleasingly to the palate.
On the out-breath,the smoke/roast returns along with a smidgen of toffee on the palate.
Whilst the body feels quite full and creamy, it is perfectly balanced by the bite from a good level of carbonation  and the smoke.
The finish is quite dry!


There is a very firm bitterness that,whilst not “in your face”, does coat your gums and cheeks(inside of course).
I had thouth I may be in for more hops,but had no idea as to the age of this bottle and was quite relieved that the yeast character was not covered too much


As the beer warms,the pepperiness becomes more prominent.
Thank you very much Nitee and great job on this beer.


I loved this beer right down to the last sip.

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