This is one of the newest additions to the small number of homebrew shops now operating in Thailand.
Just think,five years ago,there were none!

There tends to be very little to set one shop apart from the others.
That is until you come to hopshobbkk.com

They have the biggest selection of hops ; 49 kinds of pellet hops,all in 2oz increments, starting at 180Baht, and 2 kinds of plugs.

They offer discounts on multi-packs of dry yeast, of which they have 47 choices from Fermentis,Mangrove Jack’s and LallemandDanstar.


But the real difference in choice is that you can pre-order liquid yeast from them. They can obtain 49 strains from Wyeast and 29 strains from White Labs, for a flat charge of 690Baht.
They are not the only shop to offer pre-order,but they are THE only shop to offer liquid yeast.

Now,if you do the maths, the price is WAY above that paid by lucky brewers in the US,even in the UK the price hike is not so much.
But I believe these yeasts are sourced in Australia and if you take into acvount the very expensive postage from the relatively close country,it is not all that expensive.
So,over-sized starters and stored yeast are the way to go.

Hopshubbkk do use a site that is difficult to order from,but the staff are super helpful and will reply to email(the same cannot be said for one other site!) as quick as a flash.
Takky,the young lady that I contacted there by email was very good at keeping me up to date with my order status and even introduced me to Udomsak and helped set up my recent beer swap.

I will be giving preferance to this shop for sure.
Thank you very much Takky of hops hub.

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