Simonaitis Bobek Quaffer

I didn’t do such a good job of remembering to take pictures, which has been an ongoing thing with me of late.

I took inspiration for this beer from DeWayne on Milk The Funk and was just looking for something simple, refreshing and quaffable.

The grain bill was super simple: 90% Weyermann pils and 10% cane sugar. It was mashed at 66c for 45 minutes. We will call it OG 1.040.

There were no hops in the boil, but after 1 week of fermentation at about 26c, I dry hopped it with 40gr of Bobek in a 6ltr batch.

Appearance: “slightly” hazy pale golden yellow with a creamy 1 finger foamy head that quickly dissipates.

Aroma: upfront peach and apricot with a hint of peach melba yoghurt and lemony grassiness from the dry hops. Grainy malt, hey and a slight hint of funk.

Taste: peach, apricot and honey followed by a pleasant light yet very enjoyable acidity which tingles the palate. Floral lemony Bobek dry hop flavour, but given the amount I used in this small batch, quite subdued. Bready, grainy malt character. Malty in a dry finish pils kind of way, but not sweet despite the 0IBUs( theoretically anyway).

Very dry finish, but a little thin and needs a little more carbonation.

All in all it is a lovely little refreshing tart dry hopped quaffer, just right for the 37c we are having at the moment.

If I were to brew it again, and I might well do, I would do away with the sugar, mash hotter, up the OG( least favoured of the choices) or add some rye malt to make it drink bigger.


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