Ebbegarden Kveik brown ale

More rubbish pictures for you here.

This version looks to be quite a bit darker than the first one.

It similarly started off with a creamy 2 finger head, which soon dissipated to a fingerish.

Aroma: coffee and milk chocolate, both of which come over stronger than in the Wollesaeter version. Faint earthiness and chocolate covered crerry liquor. Warm brown bread with full fat cream spread on top.

Taste: fruity coffee and cherry ( more like dark cherry when half of the pit has been exposed) and a hint of very pleasant tartness. Milk chocolate with dark cocoa powder dusting . Dark fruits. Sweet, malty, but not cloying. No bitterness apparent!

Hint of blackcurrant cordial. Dark fruit and the sweetness come out more as the beer warms, but are balanced by the acidity and minimal bitterness which only with warming up shows itself.

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