Mitbust Kveik brown ale

So, at long last, here are my tasting notes for the third and final iteration of my three way split, this one fermented with Mitbust.

This one poured with a 2-3 finger moussey off white head that was half that size after 5 minutes.

This version, despite being the last bottle and having been in the bottle for months, was quite hazy. The beers was a lighter shade of brown than the others, leaning more towards deep red. It was also comparatively well carbonated( read as it had more than English levels of carbonation).

Aroma: very malt driven. Intense maltiness in your face. Doppelbock malty nose. Jam of some kind, damson I think. Under cooked white bread with toasted brown bread. A hint of Fuggles show through. Christmas nut selection, specifically wallnut skin. Slight earthiness.

Taste; deep saturated malt. Very chewy despite the elevated carbonation. More malty and chewy. Coffee lifhtly dusts the back of the palate. A hint of whiskey. Plums. Despite my searching, no chocolate comes through at all. It manages to taste more like a stout than a btown ale. A hint of marmalade from somewhere. It drinks far bigger than it is and is the lease changed over time.

There we are. Kveik strains are now well on their way to taking over the world. I am sending some to Taiwan next week.

I also recently did a parti-gyle stout 10 litres at 1.095 and 5 litres at 1.040. The bigger was fermented with a mix of Voss and Ebbegarden and the smaller with Terje’s strain. More about those soon.

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