Thai underground craft beer; My Beer Friend

I follow this guy on my wife’s FB account.

He puts a lot into his presentation AND into remaining undetected by the police. He sets up shop in Sois around the city only on Friday nights, serving from two taps in his wooden clad motorbike trailer.

I had wanted to try his beer for a long time already,when my wife asked me if his beer was good,as she liked the old fashioned theme,often traditional medicine,of his packaging.

But,I don’t get out much. And, the one time I had set myself up to go for a beer,a funeral happened. End of beer outing.

But,I am a very lucky man. I happen to work with some very super fantastic cool guys. After being told via Line that this beer was 250Baht a bottle,I had to opt out.

So,the fact that I was given the opportunity to try this beer is thanks entirely to Baby Rob and Original Phil. Thank you lads!

My Beer Friend; Anti I Love You IIPA

9.3%, 100 IBUs

Hops; Centennial,Citra,Simcoe, Columbus.

Appearance: Poured with very little carbonation. Almost still. Half finger head from an aggressive pour,quickly receding to a faint covering. Chestnut/light brown.

Aroma: Big in you face sweet toffee malt,of the crystal malt kind. Nose stuck in the glass you get a hint of Columbus and cat pee(from the Citra?). A lot of  crystal malt carries through.

Taste; Big thick coating mouthfeel. Lacking in enough carbonation to help lift the sweetness from the palate.

Rather soft,yet pleasing bitterness that coats the mouth and backs of the teeth. A slight alcohol warmth on the way down,but not boozey by any means. 

A little Citra mixed with Simcoe comes through on the after taste.

As it warms,a slight hint of coffee,of all things,comes through on the taste and aroma.

I find myself looking for more bitterness to balance the sweetness and more flavour/aroma hops.

Overall, sweeter and less bitter than I had imagined,but very enjoyable and enough to calm my hop cravings.

Again, big thank you to Baby Rob and Original Phil for making my Saturday with this present.



Thai underground craft beer: Udomsak


This is one of the reasons I was at NamTon’s house bar. I got another two bottles of reason. The Eleventh Fort and Red Truck were just plesant surprises. I had arranged for a beer swap, set up by Takky at HopsHub BKK.

This is Udomsak Saison IPA, 6.5%a



Colour; deep murky copper,almost light brown, with deep orange shining through like the sun from behind a dense layer of cl



Aroma; light citrus fruit,cider,white wine. Maybe Nelson?
Not much else on the nose.
I did not expect much at this point and was about to be


Taste; slight smokiness/roast beautifully balanced with citrus and a hint of white grapes.
A little mixed pepper and cinnamon.
There is a little tartness that clings very pleasingly to the palate.
On the out-breath,the smoke/roast returns along with a smidgen of toffee on the palate.
Whilst the body feels quite full and creamy, it is perfectly balanced by the bite from a good level of carbonation  and the smoke.
The finish is quite dry!


There is a very firm bitterness that,whilst not “in your face”, does coat your gums and cheeks(inside of course).
I had thouth I may be in for more hops,but had no idea as to the age of this bottle and was quite relieved that the yeast character was not covered too much


As the beer warms,the pepperiness becomes more prominent.
Thank you very much Nitee and great job on this beer.


I loved this beer right down to the last sip.

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Thai undeground craft beer; Eleventh Fort


Eleventh Fort IPA
6.4% abv from Samutprakan.
This beer poured with lots of yeast sediment and a bit of trub material.
Lively with a four finger head.


Colour; old,stained brass/copper,near brown but with hints of orange. Some haze that never cleared.
The head receded to a moussey two and a half fingers with small tighly packed bubbles.

Aroma; resinous hops and toffee,some crystal malt and intense Chinook/Columbus hops(a guess on my part).
Faint cracker-like malt aroma creeps out from behind the hop nose.
As the beer warms,a little diacatyl?


Taste; medium-full body with some crystal malt sweetness.
Pine,dank and Cascade like taste on the tail end.
A touch of alcohol warmth.
The bitterness is not huge by any stretch of the imagination,but just enough to balance the malt and body.
The bittering charge clings to the palate a little,but the aroma and taste are quite short lived. The flavour of the hops is almost teasing in it’s quick dissapearing act.

I never thought I would see the day that a Thai brewer put out such a good attempt at an IPA,even if it is an illegal underground one.
As far as I know, Eleventh Fort only started up,selling, in 2015 and I eagerly await more from them.

Big thanks go out to NanTon’s house bar in Chiang Mai for this bottle.

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