Thai undeground craft beer; Eleventh Fort


Eleventh Fort IPA
6.4% abv from Samutprakan.
This beer poured with lots of yeast sediment and a bit of trub material.
Lively with a four finger head.


Colour; old,stained brass/copper,near brown but with hints of orange. Some haze that never cleared.
The head receded to a moussey two and a half fingers with small tighly packed bubbles.

Aroma; resinous hops and toffee,some crystal malt and intense Chinook/Columbus hops(a guess on my part).
Faint cracker-like malt aroma creeps out from behind the hop nose.
As the beer warms,a little diacatyl?


Taste; medium-full body with some crystal malt sweetness.
Pine,dank and Cascade like taste on the tail end.
A touch of alcohol warmth.
The bitterness is not huge by any stretch of the imagination,but just enough to balance the malt and body.
The bittering charge clings to the palate a little,but the aroma and taste are quite short lived. The flavour of the hops is almost teasing in it’s quick dissapearing act.

I never thought I would see the day that a Thai brewer put out such a good attempt at an IPA,even if it is an illegal underground one.
As far as I know, Eleventh Fort only started up,selling, in 2015 and I eagerly await more from them.

Big thanks go out to NanTon’s house bar in Chiang Mai for this bottle.

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