Pomelo Hibiscus Saison

It has been FAR too long since last I posted. Sorry about that,internet!

Beer things have been going on,beer was brewed and consumed,lots of life happend and too much bloody work threw spanners all over the place.

​This brew had been in the planning stages since March.

Now,true to style,I do a write up with only two bottles left. Sorry for the rubbish glassware in the beer shot; I took the pictures at my in-law’s, where all of my good glasses have been broken.

12 litre brew

OG 1.042  FG 1.001  IBUs 36(I like more hops)

35% each Weyermann Pilsner and Vienna malt

10% each table sugar,wheat malt and quick cook oats

30gr Archer whole hops at 60mins and another 20gr at 20 mins.

Yeast; TYB Wallonian Farmhouse

other stuff; 50gr dried Hibiscus flowers steeped at flame out for 15 minutes. Peel of a 2kg Pomelo. 2 Swanson Lacto Plantarum capsules.

Colour; orange/gold with pink/red hue. Would have been crystal clear had it not been shaken up in the car.

​Aroma: yoghurt like tartness,huge Pomelo fruit and peel,wonderful dirty saison yeast character from Wallonian Farmhouse(cannot think of a better way to put it) and a hint of Hibiscus tea. The base beer is still there,but quiet.

Taste; Archer hops come through in a vague hoppy kind of way, paired with the Hibiscus up front,but they give way quite quickly to the Pomelo, which rapidly covers the palate with a special kind of fruit related bitterness,which compliments the hop bitterness,and lingers.

The yeast comes through at every step of the way, but in a way that is harmonious with the other ingredients.

​Brew day went as per usual until the boil. I brought the whole volume to a boil and waited 10 minutes. At this point I took out 4ltr of wort and allowed it to cool to 40c before I sprinkled in the contents of two Swanson Lacto Plantarum capsules. I let this portion of the wort sour for three days.

After three days of souring,the non-hopped piryion was added to the already fermenting 2/3 of the already hopped beer.

Back to the main boil; at flame out I added 50gr of dried Hibiscus flowers,which was going to be 100gr  until I got cold feet.

After 7 days at 21c in the fermentation fridge,the beer was taken out and allowed to come up to 30c.

At day 14 I added the peel of a two kg Pomelo from my father-in-law’s farm. I let ot sit like that for 5 days before bottling.

​Early on I thought that I had gone WAY over the top with the peel and maybe ruined the bloody beer. But after a month in the bottle it is perfect with regards to the Pomelo peel.

This WILL be brewed again, but next time with the original 100gr og flowers I had planned for and I will sour 1/2 of the batch instead of 1/3.

Note; no Lacto was hurt by way of boiling in the production of this beer.


Wallonian Farmhouse IPA

This beer started life as IPA de Belgique,was going to be fermented with Nottingham, was going to be a winter brew and was not going to have any kettle sugar added.
Ho hum


The starting grainbill


Had a stuck sparge in my new mash tun and solved the problem by holding down the braid with a spoon and holding said spoon in place with a kitchen knife.


The boil


The hops and WF yeast starter.


Colour; deep copper verging on amber,clarity is quite poor due to yeast and hop haze.
Pours with dense two finger head,receding to one.

Aroma; big floral,sweet juicy tropical citrus hop nasal G.B.H.
There is a hint of malt and pepper from the yeast.


Flavour; first off, medium- full mouthfeel that just oozes with hops(Citra/Centennial/Delta).
The finish manages to be very dry and a little warming.
Bitterness is very firm but manages to feel slightly understated. The maltiness is very supportive,which makes me glad that I took a chance on the Melanoidin malt.
I purposly undercarbed this beer at about 1.9 which helps lend a very smooth finish,yet the Wallonian Farmhouse still gives it a bone dry finish on the palate, leaving only hop resin and a hint of Saison pepper/spice.

This beer reminds me a little of Freshly Squeezed IPA, in that it is far too easy drinking than it has any right being.


Munich 37%
Pils 24%
Vienna 24%
Melanoidin malt 7%
Crystal wheat 5%
300gr of table sugar in the boil
8 litre batch
OG 1.096
FG 1.008

Hops 20gr aged Galena(5%aa)@ 60
10gr each of Citra/Centennial @ 15,10,5
100gr Delta at flame out.
The Yeast Bay Wallonian Farmhouse yeast
7 days at 21c
14 days at 28c